Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Working for two professors is hard, especially when they have different opinions. I end up being the liaison with the general feeling that both blame me for the other’s resistance  It doesn’t help throwing two more graduate students in the mix, both on the same side and very against the other. Somehow I’m expected to remain politic and get along with everyone, but I’m not sure how to stand up and take a side. I’ve thought about what (to me) is the right option, and I’ve tried to express it in a courteous way, but every time I’m shut down by both sides.

This argument has dragged on for months. One side gave in out of sheer exasperation, and the side that won doesn’t even believe in the project. (Guess which side I took.) I suppose this is a lesson in teamwork that everyone learns eventually, but it’s not a fun one. It’s just wasted effort.

One thought on “Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  1. Ah man, that doesn’t sound too good. Hang in there!

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