Tricked By Astrophysics

I think ScienceDaily has a new algorithm to sort their releases. Not only did the previous post‘s bicycle story show up in my chemistry feed. But now two firm space stories have shown up in my materials feed… both containing the vague word “matter” (i.e. not a good sort term). Both also deal with the fabric of reality, so to speak, so maybe someone out there is just confused what materials science is. But, guess what. I read them anyways. Maybe the mislabeling wasn’t so much a “mis” but more of a “trying to get people to read more topics” labeling.

Like everyone lately, I’ve been interested in astronomy. And Halloween’s gotten me in a spooky mood (my holiday mood has some lag time). So when I read “Universe may face a darker future: Is dark matter being swallowed up by dark energy?” I clicked and then I scrolled and then I read it really fast. Turns out our universe is slowly being consumed by dark energy. At least according to a new report based on observations from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. In the press release, the PI, David Wands, had something optimistic to note, “If the dark energy is growing and dark matter is evaporating we will end up with a big, empty, boring Universe with almost nothing in it.” Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas.

The next misplaced article is about theoretical research on parallel universes. Typically, it’s assumed that parallel universes don’t interact and that we can never, ever reach them. This puts parallel universes firmly in the theoretical realm (with some Negative Nancys calling it pseudoscience). Now, Howard Wiseman and Michael Hall (no relation) have developed a new idea where parallel universes interact. And not only that. This interaction is the reason for all of quantum mechanics. In addition to this fun bit of theory, Hall says in the release, “We also believe that, in providing a new mental picture of quantum effects, it will be useful in planning experiments to test and exploit quantum phenomena.” Take that, Nancy.

Now, I watched Fringe to the very end and I think it’s safe to say that things didn’t turn out well for the two interacting universes (spoilers!). Though it would be cool to meet my own Walternate, my Jenternent, no I don’t like that so far off to a bad start, Jennalternate, better closer warmer, Jalternate, that’s it.

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